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Video Tuesday — Blame Canada

By 24.Jun.088 Comments

The response when this dude asks if anyone has heard of Paul Westerberg is a little heartbreaking. An interesting choice for a cover. Lead singer dude is adorable.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • Some Guy says:

    I like this version a lot. The original was never one of my favorites on that album but I could get down with this one.

    I also like that the guy was proudly wearing a Boston shirt. Don’t look back.

  • JimDracula says:

    Nothing to No One is such a delicate thing of beauty & one of my favorites…could the fuckers in this audience be any louder? No wonder Westerberg rarely breaks out Sadly Beautiful.

  • Jay says:

    yeah- this version is fantastic….i like it better…yikes!

  • Johnny says:

    you guys are nuts, this song needs no caffeine or percussion out of a guitar.

  • jay says:

    Well, I’ve had a really shitty weekend. I had to tell my friends, family, and myself that – according to Johnny – I’m nuts. It took a lot of deep, deep, really deep internal reflection to face the facts that in fact, I and possibly 2 other posters here, are in fact, nuts. While I’m not sure what next steps are, I do know that realizing my condition- which is that of being nuts- is more than half the battle. At least next week I have a long weekend due to the founding of our fine country, and can figure out what to do then with my problem of being nuts. Until then, I will simply continue to enjoy the caffenated percussive banging on wood of this much improved version of Nothing to No One that is significantly better than the original because I am- sigh- nuts.

  • Jimdracula says:

    Jay, nothing can touch Westerberg’s original, but you thinking otherwise doesn’t make you nuts…just wrong lol.

  • Jake says:

    Or just an idiot…jk

  • Jay says:

    just stirring the honey…