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In the Blogs: Jodi’s filled with ennui edition

By 02.Jul.083 Comments

In the Blogs

How Foreigners View America. I’m not usually one to pimp Klosterman, but this is pretty funny and contains this bit of hilariousness:
Someone selected Ryan Adams. This made me happy for two reasons. The first is that I suspect Adams is something of an underrated semi-genius, and I like the fact that he’s more appreciated in places where nobody cares whether or not Paul Westerberg hates him.

Pointless Confession of the Week: I loathe the Tommy Stinson song “Without a View” it always leaves me lunging for the music player and pressing skip as fast as I can.

Laurie Lindeen will be doing a reading with Rockstar Mommy Judy Davide in Royal Oaks on July 27th. This may or may not be in the Chicago area. I cannot tell. But I suppose if you know where Royal Oaks is, you’ll be stoked.

5 Good Pop Culture References in Songs includes Bastards of Young.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • Placemat says:

    LOVE Without A View. Better than anything on Folker.

  • Jake says:

    I like folker, it has grown on me. But i also love village gorilla head…

  • ih8music says:

    wow – Without a View? really? love that song… and have a hard time hearing anything in it that might cause such strong emotions. hmmm.

    I can think of 3, maybe 4 songs on Folker that I’d take over WaV, but I otherwise agree with Placemat.