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49 minutes of new music in less than 48 hours

By 17.Jul.089 Comments

The Strib has a list of the bonus material that will be available on the September reissues of The Replacements’ Sire records, and in the comments mentions that on Saturday, July 19th there will be 49 minutes of NEW (I think) Paul Westerberg music available for download for only 49 cents.

Check back on Saturday to find the link to where you can download the 49 minutes of gloriousness.

P.S. If you didn’t see it in the comments DFactor has the YouTube videos of the Captiol Paul Westerberg documentary posted on his site. Sweet!


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  • Some Guy says:

    Re: the list of bonus tracks–For PTMM, is “Photo” aka “PO Box?” Because if not that would be a glaring omission.

  • karenripington says:

    I was wondering the same thing about “Photo” — does anyone know this song? If it isn’t “P.O. Box” it would be a tragic oversight.

  • Jay says:

    whats the list for this 49 songs thing…i hope its tunes and not some 49 minute blues riff…

  • Jay says:

    but for 49 cents- fuck it- ill take the riff

  • Jodi says:

    I haven’t seen a tracklist. Hopefully the thing will be out tomorrow when the IT guy/gal gets back in the office.

  • Jay says:

    ive been in munich for a while cuz of work, and found a very random 4 foot by 5 foot concert poster for a mats tour- its sweet. very random. karma. itll go in the closet with the other 500 lol.

  • blasty says:

    Hey JayTaco- send me that Mats poster and I’ll email you the 49:00 songs.
    It’ll be a pretty even trade. I don’t know what you paid for the poster, but with the exchange rate between here and Germany, you’ll probably actually come out ahead. And I’ll eat the loss myself just to help you get the songs. I’m thinking about you, here.