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oh boy, another original Mats tribute song…

yeah, well, this one works in all the album titles as a narrative, so there!

here it hear

“Sentimental Institution”

Hey Mrs. Stinson?
Can Tim come out to play today?
She said she was pleased to meet me
But don’t tell a soul, just let it be

It’s a shame about Bob
Feels like he taught me ‘n Dando half of our chops
Paul and Chris can still turn a phrase
And I’m praying Tommy’s laying off the lampshades

Sorry Ma, forgot to take out the trash
I know you think it stinks
But I’m all shook down
Still recovering from the Hootenany

EvenĀ  ten twenty years later, it still sounds fresh
(At least I haven’t gotten sick of it yet)
Well it’s a dedication from a fan

And I’m praying they’ll be laying out
The welcome Mats
At the sentimental institution to you
The sentimental institution from me

To you
And some boy
Named Goo