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49:00 — An (un)Official track list with song titles created by Paul

By 21.Jul.08July 23rd, 200849 Comments

UPDATE: We have a link for the non-US folks, you can download Paul Westerberg’s 49:00 here. WOOHOO!

First of all if you (in the US) haven’t downloaded 49:00 yet, get to it (remember to click the orange Buy MP3 Album button in the green box in the upper right corner of the page). As you’ll soon learn the whole ‘album’ downloads as a GIANT 72+MB MP3. For those of you with a larger brain than I have, that’s fine and dandy. But I like my art in bite-sized chunks. Could be why I’m a short story writer and not a novelist.

Anyway, with the help of Some Guy, I’ve developed a song list (song times in parentheses) that we can all argue about. Whee. So much fun (and I am being totally sincere here):
1. (Tell Me) Who You Gonna Marry? (3:57) [I attempted to guess the lyrics, and left the comments on that page so you can correct by bad hearing]
2. With or Without Her (Kentucky Risin’)(3:01)
3. Something in My Life is Missing (3:42)
4. Visitor’s Day (3:32)
5. As Yet to be Determined Noise (0:06)
6. Devil Raised a Good Boy (3:13)
7. You’re My Girl (0:24)
8. Everyone’s Stupid (2:37)
9. The one that says Fuck (0:09)
10. What Do You Want (0:20)
11. Now You Gone (0:44)
12. Goodnight Sweet Prince (3:54)
13. Guess I’ll Be Going Then (0:08)
14. Out of My System (3:22)
15. Be My Darling (3:44)
16. Money Goes Straight to Her Heart (0:12)
17. Hey, Hey (1:12)
18. Squeaky Obscene (1:11)
19. Six Seconds of Stuff (0:06)
20. It’ll Never Die (4:04)
21. Back To Saturn X Radio Report II (0:56)
22. I Think I Love you b/w Something I Can’t Discern (1:05)
23. Johnny Said So (2:09)


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