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In the Blogs: Gotta keep it quick because I’m babysitting edition

By 30.Jul.084 Comments

In the Blogs
CNET’s Digital Noise blog is frustrated with Amazon’s download process but not with Westerberg’s 49:00. I think this is interesting because 49:00 got him to try out the Amazon MP3 delivery service for the first time. Awesome. [via]

The Boston Phoenix is suspicious of the odd price point of 49:00 saying, I dig some of his music, and I could probably scare up the money, but something about that price point seems incredibly fishy and uncouth, like a crazy hobo trying to sell me a dollar bill for 99 cents. Sucks to miss out on something so cool because of paranoia, don’t you think?

As of right this minute (8:10 a.m. on Wednesday), 49:00 is still #1 on the Amazon charts and featured in their New & Notable section. I wonder what this means in the greater music charts? Just how much music is Amazon selling?

Exploding now compiles a list of great songs to listen to on a jukebox in a dive-bar.

Here’s two I like because they are the kind of blogs you’d never expect to see Paul Westserberg on:
1. Apex Exposure, new media, marketing solutions (which made the unfortunate mistake of confusing loose/lose — probably my biggest pet peeve ever)
2. The Drug Law blog, which is a fan of the album

(p.s. I taught my 3-year-old nephew Liam how to do the Batdance, and I am not sure if that’s the coolest thing ever of it it’s a crime against humanity)


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • Jake says:

    I think everyone should know the bat dance

  • Dfactor says:

    Am I the only one who got charged 89 cents on the first day for the Paul MP3 download? I think someone at Amazon changed it to 49 cents just afterwards or something.

    And can someone please find me a Mats doing Black Diamond video clip, for my blog’s Black Diamond death match post, please?

    I know there’s plenty of audio files, but I could not find a video clip. Help….

  • Jodi says:

    Dfactor, you bought the “song” as opposed to the “album” on amazon. It’s a 40 cent difference.

  • Davis says:

    Ugh, can’t believe I missed that typo. Trust me, that kind of stuff drives me nuts too. Fixed.

    But anyway, the record is great, and we’re definitely loving it here at Apex.