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Three things for a Friday — Most importantly how I’m not Paul Westerberg

By 15.Aug.0812 Comments

Hey Gang, first of all remember how I was telling you the other day to go read David Carr’s The Night of the Gun? Well, I am going to up that another notch and encourage you to go see him read if at all possible. His appearance schedule is here (VT, NH, Seattle, LA, DC, etc, oh and St. Paul on Monday August 18th).

I went to go hear him read last night (and got a bonus Q&A with Jim Walsh to boot). It was fabulous.He is a kind, gracious, charming, and entertaining man. I was amazed how he got up and shook the hand of every single person waiting in line. It was a great time.

Oh and then when I got my book signed I got to crush David Carr’s dreams about how Paul Westerberg mentioned his book on the blog. Westernerds, he was so excited. The look in his eye was five-year-old getting a bike for Christmas excited. And then I was like, “Uh, that was me.”

We can add this to the list of phrases I never expected to utter in actual real life with my own voice: “I’m not Paul Westerberg.

Second of all, Imemat has done all the heavy lifting with regard to that 1982 show and converting the files to MP3. Go download than and while you’re there check out the response he got to the only fan letter he’s ever gotten.

Third of all, Aquarium Drunkard has a great, great write up on 5:05.


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