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Good God Almighty, let’s give praise to TuneCore Customer Service

By 28.Aug.086 Comments

As many of you who follow the comments know I had a few issues with getting 3oclockreep. It seems that when you use a PayPal e-check you have to wait roughly a fortnight for it to clear before you can download your music. Which sort of defeats the purpose of the instant gratification that digital download provides, right?

Sure, you say, just use the Google Checkout idiot. Riiggght. I tried that, about 93,183 times, and I kept getting a funky error.

Just buy it again, dumbass, you might say. I thought of that too, because, well it’s only $4. But then I remember that I don’t actually have a job and while it is only $4, I couldn’t make myself do it.

So I e-mailed TuneCore’s customer service begging them to cancel the stupid e-check order and allow me to buy it with my credit card. AND THEY DID!

Not only did they help me out, but after I had so many problems with Google Checkout they offered to help me out some more. Lucky for them (and double-plus lucky for me), I figured out how to get PayPal to use my damn debit card to let me get the songs RIGHT NOW. Because it’s been like 24 entire hours and I didn’t have them. I was going a little bit on the bonkers side of batshit insane. I am impatient if nothing else.

And in this digital age, I don’t think we often hear about the customer service wins. We always hear about the nightmares. But this, this was a win and I think TuneCore deserves some props for helping out a slightly-imbalanced Westernerd who needed a fix.

Now I am going to go listen to these songs on repeat and report back later, probably with lyrics.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • Nobody says:

    Very cool for you. Now I don’t have to risk the wrath of music nazi’s by letting you borrow you a copy till you got yours. Hate seeing a batshit crazy girl…or do I.

  • Jodi says:

    Awww, thanks! Music Nazi’s can blow me. i find that they become less nazish the minute they need/want something. You know what I mean?

    Anyway, as soon as I workout and take a shower (shut up, I’m unemployed showers are a rarity these days), I am going to come back here and discuss Finally Here Once (which I already transcribed the lyrics to)

  • Nobody says:

    I don’t care about the music nazi’s either just a little 49:00/5:05 reference. I really like what Paul’s doing…my kid has a band that ‘s into the DIY stuff and I’ve been wondering about the direction of the music industrial complex This might just be the direction it’s heading…let the artists handle it. As an aside….love your site “not paul” I visit often.

  • MC says:

    Great blog! We all love Tunecore here and it’s cool to see one of our role-models using Tunecore 🙂

  • Donavon says:

    Hi i know you said you use tunecore, but have you looked at what Ditto Music do? ( they are now offering free uploads to Spotify and iTunes!!!!! So really you have nothing to loose.

  • Mark says:

    I’m currently uploading on dittomusic after deciding that TuneCore was not such good value.

    BUT just a warning: Dittomusic is extremely flaky on the uploading side. You get a single page to upload your artwork and files (no visual confirmation of any of that other than a message saying your [filename] is uploaded), no indication of upload progress on any of the files. You have to upload it all (artwork and all track content and details) and then press the submit button. Compared with TuneCore it looks pretty amateurish and the FAQs (ha, ha!) show that they really haven’t thought about the needs of people signing up and for example don’t give you any indication of the uploading process – you have to join (pay) to find out.

    I joined the “free” unlimited service, but you have to pay a £2 fee to join (so I’m not sure how “free” that is”) and the £2 a month ongoing fee.

    OK not a lot of money but it’s indicative of how ill-thought-out this site is. Hope my music makes it onto iTunes. Well, hope it makes it all onto their server before my web connection crashes.

    And I hope this helps others – I’ve designed websites (including integrated commerce solutions) and this is….not good!

    In summary, not for the faint-hearted, but worth a go if you are releasing your first album.