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In the Blogs: The I will try not to talk politics just for you Edition

By 03.Sep.0817 Comments

In the Blogs

Oh, first of all, I heard (Tell Me) Who You Gonna Marry on 89.3 The Current today (yesterday when you’re reading this). I nearly fell out of Ruby (my truck) for two reasons. 1.) Barb Abney called it “Tell Me Who You Gonna Marry. (take that you Terri lovers) and 2.) I just hadn’t heard anything off of 49:00 on the radio.

Filter magazine revisits the Replacements.

WNYC’s Sound Check blog weighs in on Minnesota’s musical muscle.

Aquarium Drunkard reviews 3oclockreep.

Here’s a random (apolitical) aside. Why is everyone so unsure/surprised that Tom Waits appears on 3oclockreep. Has the Internet collectively forgotten about “Date to the Church?”

Hoboken Rock City reminisces about the Replacements after learning of Steve Foley’s death.

DFactors’ got a bit about the latest release. His post makes me laugh, but then I am generally a fan of his writing.

Also, for the record, my dander is not up. I am just questioning. I am inquisitive and rancorous by nature. I just find all these garage cleaning sort of releases odd. I mean, it’s weird, isn’t it? I had something else I was going to say and now I forgot it. I blame DFactor and the dander.

I really like the enthusiasm behind this post on Art Voice about the release of 3oclockreep.

Box of Clams has a great post questioning the “what does it all mean”ess of Westerberg’s digital download releases.

Look I made it all the way through and didn’t make you sit through one political rant. Consider yourself lucky.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • Chris says:

    Its most definitely Terry. But nobody asked me.

  • Jodi says:

    Oh, I agree that he sings Terri in the song. It’s just that I think (Tell Me) Who You Gonna Marry is a better made up title than Terry Who You Gonna Marry.

  • Jonathon says:

    I had the dumb fortune of asking Mark Wheat about the song at the Fair, he said that they just cut it up in ProTools and put it on air. He also said there’s a website where it’s been made available for download as a single, with Paul’s good graces? Not sure about it.

    Side note: Saw a book about Minnesotan musicians at Holiday today. On the cover: Bob Dylan, the ‘Mats and…Yanni.

  • Jodi says:

    At Holiday the gas station?

  • shelaka says:

    Oh, yeah! Yanni, MN’s HUGEST export, played in the “seminal” early 80s band Chameleon, whose claim to fame was a 360-rotating drum set. I can still hear the synth riff to “Stranded in the Night”… Okay, my brother bought that single when they played our high school in 81…

    Oh, yeah – Dylan and the ‘Mats are okay, too… 😉

  • Jimdracula says:

    Wonder if Yanni put on Yanni when he used to schtupe Audra Barkley…THAT should be in the book.

  • shelaka says:

    …Plus Linda Evans. I think Yanni put on Yanni whenever he wanted to be… inspired. By Yanni.

  • Jonathon says:

    That name has lost all meaning. It’s like saying “couch” a bunch of times, what the hell is that supposed to mean?

    And yeah, the gas station. Nice people there. Pop is cheap. And they’re selling books now I guess. What more could you ask for?

  • Jimdracula says:

    Looky here…AP release states VP candidate Sarah Palin to write book, tentatively titled “The Idiot’s Guide to Birth Control”…should be a huge hit, especially at gas stations.

  • Jonathon says:

    I think even gas stations would have more sense than to carry a book like that…

  • jay says:

    Youve obviusly never driven through 98% of Texas. (Austin doesnt count) its a little island on election night maps…

  • Jake says:

    I lost my internet for awhile so i’ve been out of touch. So westerberg relased how many more song for download and fucking steve foley died??? what the hell? what else did i miss? Someone fill me in here.

  • Jay says:

    scroll down lol

  • Some Guy says:

    Jake’s comment reminds me of a bit I heard a comic do once talking about how as a kid you never wanted to go to school but you didn’t want to miss a day of school either for fear you’d miss the single coolest day ever.
    “So what did I miss yesterday?”
    “Not much. We had an assembly. Zeppelin played.”

  • Dfactor says:

    Shelaka wrote…
    >>>Oh, yeah! Yanni, MN’s HUGEST export, played in the “seminal” early 80s band Chameleon, whose claim to fame was a 360-rotating drum set. I can still hear the synth riff to “Stranded in the Night”…

    Really? Is that Yanni-Chameleon band the reason the way cooler The Chameleons from England had to change their name to the Chameleons UK?? Wow. Life is twisty that way. Strange Times – Best guitar LP ever.

    Westerberg tie-in: Paul also covered “John I’m Only Dancing”

    Jodi – Are you Blasty on YouTube? Hope so.

  • Jodi says:

    Ha! I’ve been accused of a lot of things, but I’ve never been accused of being Blasty. I have eaten dinner with Blasty a number of times and nobody else at the table ever seemed to get us confused.

  • blasty says:

    It’s always a pleasure having dinner with you and your lovely wife, Laurie. The new cd sounds great, but you may want to think twice before releasing it: a full length cd of Stones covers may get you in trouble with the copyright laws.
    Oh well, I’m just happy to have heard it before you taped over it with your Ryan Adams collection.