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Some things to get you pumped about tomorrow’s reissues

By 22.Sep.08No Comments

First of all, the Newsday story that features this gem:

So will the college-rock standbys reunite, perhaps?

“I think we still exist in some sort of fragmented form,” Westerberg says. “It’s just a question of whether he and I can ever get together again … that’s how close we are, I can’t even mention his — name.”

Typical Westerberg. He’s talking about his longtime bassist and foil, Tommy Stinson. “One day Tommy wants to sue me, the next he wants to jam. I think he’s in the jamming mood this week, but by the time he gets here we might just meet and fight.”

And then there are Bill Holdship’s liner notes for the reissued Pleased to Meet Me, which got the ax because they wanted different writers for each CD’s notes and they were gonna use Holdship for Don’t Tell a Soul.


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