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Thought about postpoing this until the economic situation was fixed but then changed my mind

By 25.Sep.082 Comments

The Village Voice’s Sound of the City blog has a new Q&A with Laurie Lindeen and includes this gem:
Was there anything you included that upon reflection you’d have preferred to leave out?
When I got the final edits, I got a long letter from my editor saying something like either you develop the characters of your father and Paul or leave them out—of course, those are my two most complex, confusing relationships. I’m so naïve sometimes…some people focused on the 10 out of 321 pages Paul appears and decided the book was about bagging a rock god. I thought I left plenty of red flags in there? I do regret the things that my very private mom found difficult to see in print, but I’d still leave them in.

Ted Barron the photographer who took the picture of Our Man Paul and Alex Chilton featured in the liner notes for the re-issued Pleased to Meet Me talks about the night the picture was taken.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • dalesmithtx says:

    In honor of our current economic situation, I have decided to listen to nothing but “I Want My Money Back” until the situation is resolved. I’m doing my part, just so you know.

  • jay says:

    Anbody in Austin…waterloo is giving out some really heavy stock archival fine art prints of the mats when ya buy a reissue… pretty cool. Not sure why i still get excited about mats posters that will end up iin a closet withthe rest of em…but i still do.