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Can you hear children by the millions screaming for Alex Chilton?

By 29.Sep.087 Comments

I still haven’t gotten the reissues but Flowering Toilet is showing that the sound quality on the Pleased to Meet Me reissue is actually worse than the original. Have any of you noticed any problems?

Do you have to have really good ears to notice this kind of thing?


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • jay says:

    sounds no better or worse to me.

  • Headphones says:

    I have noticed that the songs on Pleased to Meet Me and All Shook Down are very dfficult to hear on iTunes(and I have near super-human hearing). You would have to turn the volume to eleven to get a good listen. I would reccomend that, unless you cannot live without these reissues, you wait until iTunes fixes the sound or buy the CD’s instead.

  • Jake says:

    The cd sounded really good to me. Got them four for the price of one…good to know people in high places. anyone get the poster?

  • Jay says:

    i got a a few of the posters. these reissues stin k compared to the twin toes ones… excpet for the epic mats snippet cover of This Monkeys Gone to heaven with the best reworked lyrics ever…”and if the Pixies are 7 and if the Pixies are 7 then the Mats are 8, the Mats are 8…”

  • Jay says:

    “Send in the Mats” to close out all the reissues…another nice move…

  • Some Guy says:

    So far I’ve only been listening to them through earbuds on my iPod but they sound much richer than the originals. Can’t say if that would hold true on a good stereo system though.

    Among the bonus tracks, I’m digging the more rocking version of Kiss Me On The Bus on Tim. And speaking of Tim, what song is that little string piece at the end? Little Mascara?

  • Jay says:

    I thought it was the string track for Cant hardly wait…
    and that version of kiss me on the bus, as previously indeed fuckballs good. As is the IOU. Tim wins this round of reissues best i think. Love the story on the version of Regular- the original is take one, the bonus is take 2. Such a great song full of his best lyrics i think. If oly he coulda gotten the hanful of friends one needs a match and one needs some ice in there… it think he could.