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Video Tuesday — More Cowbell

By 07.Oct.0816 Comments

How much awesomness can one video of a cover of “Can’t Hardly Wait” contain? Let me count the ways:
1. An accordian
2. Someone playing cowbell
3. Gold lame pants
4. It seems as though the stage is the short cut to the bathroom or something
5. A trumpet (like that original version)
6. Dude with cowbell at about 1:48 is really passionate about the cowbell playing
7. At about 2:22 a drunk girl appears to mimic jacking off aforementioned trumpet player
8. Loads of cell-phone-camera photographers


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • Jay says:

    wow…holy trainwreck of fun.

  • Jodi says:

    When I say awesome, I mean awesome.

  • blasty says:

    With those golden trousers, I could rule the world!

    Like King Midas did, back in the pilgrim days.

  • Navin says:

    So funny. I just saw this video 2 minutes ago, BEFORE coming and seeing it here. Fun. Fun. Fun.

  • shelaka says:

    Bizzarely great! Watching that, I wish I were there, drinking a beer on stage! Gold pants guy at the beginning: “THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about – we got some pep, we got some spirit!”

    Plus – hat poppin’ guy at 3:28.

  • Jodi says:

    Hat poppin’ guy totally cracked me up too.

  • zook says:

    The Mats would be proud!

  • jay says:

    It’s a good. But my favorite mats clip BY FAR is still:

    I can’t not watch it if I start it.

  • blasty says:

    Ah, yeah, I remember that night well. Westernerd get-together at our girl Jodi’s ranch, back when she was blonde and Zook was a tall, thin black man in yellow pants. I’ll never forget videotaping the whole thing, and then blackmailing them the following morning.

    Good times, good times….

  • GtrPlyr says:

    Sloppy, out-of-tune, missed changes… just like a good Replacements cover should be. That bar sorta reminds me of a bar I used to frequent in the 90s.

  • zook says:

    Blasty, I still have those pants though I’ve grown my afro out since then. And was that a young Rachel Dagmar I saw introducing that video? The way she was longingly looking at Jodi there reminded me of the after party – remember how hot and heavy they were and how you wore that dress and told everyone you were just “pretending” to be Bob? Ahhhh, to be young again…good times.

  • blasty says:

    The woman introducing the video told me her name was Irene, or Kelly, or Lisa…..I forget…anyway, she kept trying to get us to play that Zuzu’s Petals video that she was obsessed with. Kept saying how beautiful Laurie was. After the aftershow party, we kept teasingly calling Jodi “Paul”.
    As far as wearing that dress, somebody *cough PZ cough* told me that we were dressing up as our favorite mats song for the party, and I fell for it. Thanks for pointing and laughing. I haven’t liked that song since. I’m just happy that I didn’t go with my first choice, and can still listen to Silver Naked Ladies.

  • Debaser says:

    So that is what The Refreshments have been up to lately.

    Laugh riot – thanks

  • Jake says:

    Tell me everyone knows about the westerberg stinson studio pics

  • Elvis McCoy says:

    I was the lead guitarist on the right dressed like fat Elvis in a Black Karate Ghi. It’s nice that folks that come to our shows tape things, because usually we’re over-served and can’t remember what went on. The only show we’ve done sober was a gig at a maximum security prison in southern PA. We’ve been covering that tune since 1992. You’d think we’d have the chord changes down by now……..
    -elvis mccoy

  • Shelaka says:

    Chord changes, shmord changes – you guys were great! A fitting tribute, I say…