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Three things for your Saturday

By 25.Oct.08No Comments

1.) In case you missed it, Graeme Thompson (author of I Shot a Man in Reno. . . ) had a great piece in the Guardian UK about the ‘Mats. This is one of my favorite bits:
Westerberg’s creative division caused considerable internal tension. Tommy Stinson recalls that the band, particularly Bob Stinson, were uncomfortable playing Westerberg’s more introspective material. “We were full of testosterone, drugged-up drinking kids, and here’s Pauly with some fucking torch ballad. It was like, ‘Who wants to hear that shit, dude?'”

2.) Remember that sweet cover of Skyway by Baby Scream? Well he’s put out a record of called Nobody Seemed to Care that includes covers of Bastards of Young and Sadly Beautiful (you can listen to samples here).

3.) I am shocked, SHOCKED!, that Bastards of Young beat Left of the Dial in the cage match. There’s a new match over there now.


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