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RIP Bruce Allen, guitarist from The Suburbs

By 07.Dec.092 Comments

City Pages is reporting the death of Bruce Allen, the guitarist for The Suburbs and the graphic designer behind The Replacements’ “Let it Be” album art.

It’s sad. Condolences to friends, family, and fans.

Embarrassing 3:42 p.m. UPDATE: Now City Pages is reporting that Allen is still alive, but will be taken off life support sometime tonight.

Bitchy editor’s note:Are you fucking kidding me City Pages? Is it so important to get the scoop that you prematurely announce the death of a dying man. That’s so gross. I hope everyone at the rag is ashamed. Damn.

UPDATE: the STrib’s Jon Bream has a nice article about Allen, also make sure to take a peek at the comments for people sharing memories/condolences.


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