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Paul Westerberg signs to new label

By 11.Dec.096 Comments

You heard it here last. . . Bug music snatches up Paul Westerberg.

Do you think that means we’ll get a new, non-basement tapes album from the weirdo?

I sure as hell hope so. What say ye?

BONUS Random Skyway video with David de Young of helping Jim Walsh and friends with the lyrics to “Skyway.” (P.S. click that link to see some awesome pics of the ‘Mats tribute a few weeks back)


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  • Jake says:

    I hope so too. Maybe even a show that you can actually buy tickets for not have to win them on the radio.

  • Jake says:

    P.S. kind of a weird picture of PW. He looks older and it’s kind of GQish I would say……

  • Some Guy says:

    If I’m reading the article correctly, this is solely a publishing deal, not a label or distribution deal. In other words, this doesn’t change anything about who would release Paul’s future albums; it’s just about who manages the publishing rights to his songs. I don’t see this affecting at all the basement tapes/download path he’s been on. The one thing that could come of it would be to see more Mats and Paul tunes pop up in movies and commercials and stuff.

  • Jonathon Hackett says:

    Yep, just a publishing deal. Which really just means that he’ll be getting more money for having his songs in more places, which is by no means a bad thing. I’d love to know how he managed to get all of his work in one spot though, that seems like quite a feat.

  • Good news…maybe there is hope yet for a European tour before I die.

  • Yes, BugMusic is strictly a great publishing company (Johnny Cash..’nuff said) who I actually dealt with earlier this century when I worked with MMJ (who decided to take their music brilliance elsewhere). He’s in great company now IMO.