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Video Tuesday: (on Sunday) A Song For Paul Westerberg

By 08.Mar.103 Comments

Sometimes I feel guilty that this poor site has been dormant for about 38 web-years (or two months in human years). So I was sitting here thinking, I should put some stuff here something, anything. I went to YouTube and I found this. The title (A Song for Paul Westerberg) was not the main reason I post it here. No, it’s the shelf there with Spider-man’s arm around Ernie. That’s why! Enjoy.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • Tommy says:

    The beauty of RSS feeds is that I’m always notified when there *is* something new to read. And I’m not bothered when there isn’t.

  • Hey, thanks for highlighting the video of my “Song For Paul Westerberg!” The tune is part of my Bookcase Sessions, wherein I’m posting a song every couple of weeks or so and asking folks to rate / comment / favorite on them. The 12 most popular songs will get the “full album” treatment on my next record, “Keyhole.”

    The title is a riff on the Minutemen’s “Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing.” The inspiration (or source to steal from, in the best way) is all Westerberg, though.

    Other songs in the Bookcase Sessions are here:

    Thanks again! Fun site!

    Matthew Wayne Selznick

  • Jonathon Hackett says:

    I’m not up on the RSS Feed wackiness, so I just check this site four times every day like I do with the rest of my bookmarks. That way, when it is updated, it’s like winning at bingo or getting a toy.