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Billie Joe Armstrong Meets Paul Westerberg in April Spin Magazine…

By 25.Mar.104 Comments

In a series of interviews where today’s artists talk with their own idols, Billie Joe of Green Day talks with PW. Too short article, but Paul seems pretty good-natured about the exchange.

The online version isn’t the full story, but in the print version, the greatest revelation I didn’t know: the misheard lyrics of Bastards: “We are the sons of no one” is actually “Wait on the sons of no one” – Paul says he lifted that phrase from the Bible. Wow! And I thought “Bacon & Cigarettes” was king!


  • Jake says:

    Amazing these two interviewed each other….but a direct quote from Paul when asked if he had anything in the works. “I don’t know what I’m doing right now. I was prepared to not be able to play guitar anymore, and I was actually excited- I could learn to play the bass pedal with one foot and the zither with the other. You could chop off my limbs and I’ll still want to do something creative. I’ve found so much stuff I’ve written laying around, I’m tempted to get it all together as some sort of prose. I’m writing everything from prayers, to speeches, to crap. But the one thing I know I’m not doing anytime soon is playing live.”……………….So that is disappointing to hear but not surprising. I still recommend picking up the magazine…lots of good stuff in there.

  • CNote says:

    some prose?…I’d defiinitely welcome a Westerberg book.

    You’re right Jake that was a good issue. Haven’t read it all yet, but I lked that Gerard Way- Iggy Pop interview. I don’t much like My Chemical Romance, but that kid has a good head on his shoulders and is making music for artistic rather than self-centered reasons.

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  • erik says:

    i know there has been mutual respect between paul and billie joe for quite some time so it was good to see this combination in print. The interview was cool,wish it could have been longer and more in depth. It would have been good to see photo’s of the two together or at least some recent photo’s of paul.