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Tough Questions for Tommy Stinson

By 16.Aug.11November 6th, 2011One Comment

What’s the weirdest thing you two(TS an PW) ever did together?

“One night we were in L.A., staying at the Hyatt on Sunset Boulevard. As a dare, we told this cab driver we’d give him a hundred bucks to drive us backwards all the way to Small’s, which was a bar on Gower and Melrose. He actually did it! He went down Sunset, crossed down Fountain, the entire way in reverse. 
I don’t know how we didn’t get pulled over by the cops, but it was funny 
as shit”.

Full interview at Spin Magazine


I was born the son of a poor black sharecropper……

One Comment

  • Jake says:

    Sounds like they can’t quite shake the mats like tendencies….love it.