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Q&A with PW in VV

By 01.Sep.115 Comments

In case you missed this yesterday (like I did), The Village Voice has a nice little Q&A with Paul about that new Glen Campbell record. It includes this little tidbit. I, for one, would still buy a Paul Westerberg record.

As far as the grown-ups go, are you thinking of putting out a proper solo album again, or have you had it with the industry?

I’m always writing and I have plenty of songs, but I think the Glen Campbell record is a bit of a test to see if people still buy records. Or go for my stuff. I’d like to go on record and say something concrete, but I can’t. So, we shall see.


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  • Neil says:

    A good little read. I love Paul so much.

  • erik says:

    It’s great to read anything with Paul, i enjoyed the Village Voice Q&A….it’s also humbling to see an artist/song writer in the magnitude of Westerberg second guessing himself if he’s still got it, Paul you still “got” it, we (fans) still notice and want more… be it …writing for others, basement tapes, internet releases, or a full blown proper album…thanks, bring it on!

  • Free Rider says:

    seems to me that the test has been passsed. From what I found, the CD entered the Soundscan/Billboard 200 at #23. In the UK, it entered in at #27.

    Over at the Billboard .com, it says it’s peaked at #6 and is currently at #38 as of this week on the country charts.

    For independent album charts, it peaked at #3 and is currently at #37. It’s been on the charts for 7 and 6 weeks respectively.

  • Free Rider says:

    Over at MWT, this was posted regarding the Color Me Obsessed doc:

    “Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg is notoriously guarded with his image and did not participate in this film and, according to his manager, is working on his own film about the band…”

    Interesting! Maybe his long silence is due to him working on this stuff? We need more details, dammit!

  • Free Rider says:

    oh, and I also wonder if this part of the Mats boxed set he’s been working on as well.