Kevin Bowe recommends The Replacements

Over at Rock Torch Kevin Bowe (you know the one with the new CD out) talks about the influence of The Replacements:
“I was lucky enough to get in on their stuff right from the beginning and they caught me at just the right time; I was 19, it was 1980 and since corporate rock had taken over the radio since about 1976 or so, I was feeling very disenfranchised from music in general. Also, I had just quit smoking pot so a lot of the bands I had been listening to just didn’t sound as good to me any more.”

Also if you head on over there you can read more about why he loves The ‘Mats & listen to the song he wrote with Westerberg for the Natchez Trace.

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  1. blasty 21.Sep.12 at 4:59 pm

    Kevin Bowe is a huge Mats fan, and has a lot to say about them in this recent interview on The Current , including how he was hired for the last tour: