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First Ave’s Replacements tribute turning into a Slim Dunlap rally

By 14.Nov.12No Comments

The STrib is reporting that next week’s ‘Mats Tribute at First Ave is turning into, well, if you read the headline you know, Slim Dunlap rally.

“Already one of the most spirited annual traditions at First Avenue, next weekend’s tribute to the Replacements should have an even greater sense of purpose as organizers have officially turned into a fundraiser and rally for the band’s former guitarist, Slim Dunlap.

Starting this morning, the club is putting three of its balcony tables up for auction for the Nov. 23 concert, the money for which will go straight into Slim’s health fund. Proceeds from general ticket sales — which normally go toward the Twin Cities Community Fund anyway — will also be funneled toward his cause. Meanwhile, the 7th Street Entry side of the show will feature a revival of the Mad Ripple Hootenanny tribute to Slim, which Jim Walsh first hosted back in March with an army of local singer/songwriters at the Amsterdam Bar.”

Get the whole scoop over on the STrib’s site.


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