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The Boss loves Slim, an Interview from NPR

By 15.Jan.142 Comments

Yeah I dont know what his health condition is at the moment but I know some folks were cutting some things of his. I hope I get a chance to cut one of his songs because hes, its just, this stuff, check out the two Slim Dunlap records because theyre just so beautiful, theyre just beautiful rock n roll records. I found them to be deeply touching and emotional. Kristina Train: very Dusty Springfield. Theres a song called “Dark Black” thats fantastic. I love that. And let me see who else I can plug here while Im rolling.

via A Long Road To High Hopes: An Interview With Bruce Springsteen : The Record : NPR.


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  • Jake says:

    You would think this comment section would be more active these days…….whats the deal people?

  • Jodi says:

    People don’t comment on blogs too much these days in general. They save all their pithiness for Facebook (barf) or Twitter.