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Kickstart This – Lemon Jail: ‘Mats Tour Diary 1983-1986 by Bill Sullivan

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In 1981 at the age of 21, I was as uncool to the scene as I am now at 54, when my junior high friend Tom Carlson turned me on to The Replacements. We were working as night guards at The Walker Art Center heavily under the influence of the brilliant Tim Carr. Carton (as he became to be known) had been helping their manager, Peter Jesperson by carting gear around. I wormed my way in as a driver/gopher by cornering Westerberg and offering my services at no charge. It was an offer he could have refused. Instead, in 1983 I quit my last “real” job.  

via Lemon Jail: ‘Mats Tour Diary 1983-1986 by Bill Sullivan — Kickstarter.

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One Comment

  • rock n roll farmer says:

    This could of been me, if I would have not followed my so called career at the time. Geez, I want to turn back time. But, anyhoo…I’ve got stories from back in the heyday.