All 149 ‘Mats Songs Ranked

Editor’s note: OF course you won’t agree. Still pretty good attempt at an epic task.

23. “Favorite Thing” (Let It Be) – Bar “I Will Dare,” this song was likely included on more romantically-themed (or romantically-hopeful) mix tapes passed by Replacements fans than any other. It also has a fascinating structure to it; forget about verse- verse- chorus, this one could be labelled verse- verse- verse- verse- chorus- chorus- bridge. Regardless, it sounds great. Tommy Stinson’s bass under the “you’re my favorite thing” sections give the expression of yearning the palpable nervous energy it deserves. And the generational rebellion in the first verse plus the rock & roll attitude in the 2nd and 4th give this song a complexity that gives it an edge over a simple love song.

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