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Well, Westernerds, it has come to this. I’ve been running this site for 16 years now and I’m asking you for some help.

This joint is dusty and semi-abandoned, but I know a ghost occasionally haunts these halls. One emailed me last night telling me how sorry he was to read about my stroke, that he donated to my Go Fund Me, and asked me where to start with Paul Westerberg’s solo catalog.

Stereo/Mono and then Suicaine. Obvs.

I haven’t mentioned the stroke here because it didn’t occur to me until that email.

You see, I now have a super shitty thing in common with Slim Dunlap. I had a stroke in March. It sucks.

Zero stars for strokes. Do not recommend. The repercussions have been drastic and the recovery long. You can read all the depressing details on I Will Dare.

The worst part about having a stroke is it’s fucking expensive. I bought a $21,805.41 headache.

Because of the stroke my ability to work is limited, and because I’ve been a freelancer for fourteen years, no work = no money. I only invoiced $850 for all of July!

So, I need some help. If you’re able to throw a few bucks my way, I would be ever so grateful. If all you can afford is good vibes & a hearty “that sucks,” I’ll take it with gratitude!

All right, thank you, everybody feel alright? everybody happy?

Love you in the fall,
Jodi, Queen of the Underground


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.