Mar 18 2015

Sold out: Replacements’ “Let It Be” on Twin/Tone vinyl | Artcetera |

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The party is over for the Replacements’ “Let It Be” on original Twin/Tone vinyl. Thirty-one years after the legendary album hit stores, the last sealed copy of it from Twin/Tone Records’ original stock pressing was sold earlier this week, according to Twin Cities record retail guru John Kass. Thus, for at least the next few

Nov 4 2013

Walls: Let It Be House

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His first attempt at a cover shoot was before a show at Coffman Union. “I told them I had some coke but it was up in one of the offices, so they had to take this elevator with me.” As soon as they were going up, he stopped the car and snapped away until they

Aug 22 2013

Tommy visits the Let it Be house in this AV Club Video

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Watch it at the AV Club

Oct 6 2009

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Let It Be and the paperback release of The Replacements: All Over But The Shouting at 7 p.m. on Friday, November 27th at First Ave. Tickets are $6 in advance and $8 at the door. The event is also a benefit for the Twin Cities Music Community Trust and will

Oct 15 2008

Pop Candy points use to Blender’s 100 Greatest American Albums of All Time. Don’t worry you won’t have to click too many of the next, next, next cockamamie navigational trick used to pump up page views to get to The Replacements. Really, the expect us to click that button 100 times. What the hell? But

May 8 2008

Well it ain’t lost yet so it’s gotta be a winner. Let It Be, dominant throughout the whole tournament, prevailed 38-25 over Tim in the championship match. What put Let It Be over the top? Was it the reissue, Jodi’s campaigning, or Lay It Down Clown? Check out how the final bracket shaped out as

May 6 2008

Video Tuesday — Campaigning at the polls edition

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Random Aside: When I was a kid (think like 11-years-old) I used to listen to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” every night while gazing fondly at the liner notes. I convinced myself that Michael and Paul McCartney were singing “The Girl is Mine” about me. Because, you know, why not? I spent a lot of time worrying

May 5 2008

And then there were two… Well not literally those two obviously, but their namesakes. It’s Let It Be vs Tim for the the championship. And you thought deciding between All Shook Down and Hootenanny was tough! Voting open till end of day Wednesday. Thursday we crown a champion. Vote here!

Apr 4 2008

Dear Sorry Ma, The Poll has decided conclusively that you’re the Ralph Nader of the ‘Mats discography. Nice try taking me on. I’m gonna have to do something about that pesky Tim getting in my way. Sorry loser! Love you in the fall, I Will Dare and the rest of the Let it Be gang.

Feb 20 2008

Did you know that Chris Mars had some of animations of his work on his web site? I didn’t either. I cannot resist anything that mentions both Billy Joel and Paul Westerberg. Now you know my dirty secret. On the KEXP blog one reader chronicles his quest to read all the 33 1/3 books and