They’re waiting in the darkness

…and they call out “Where am I?”

There has been many moments where I have been emotionally affected by a performance. Here Comes A Regular in Milwaukee 2005 and Crackle & Drag at the 1st Guthrie night 2002 for example.

But what really got me was A Star Is Bored near the end of the 3rd night at the Guthrie in 2002. It was a song I had previously never gave much of a listen to. There seemed to be such a purpose to singing that song at that time. No flubs, no jokes, no giving up (as there was in many songs that weekend) There was a feeling and a message being relayed, and I felt it. Won’t forget it.

Thanks to whoever originally taped it, and to Blasty for posting the video….

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  1. scooterboy 22.Jul.07 at 10:16 pm

    most of you by now (what is this? the 7th board we have had?) know that i do now, and always have loved that song. that performance was chilling to the bone. in a good, but also a “bad-moon-rising” way.