Happy Paul Westerberg The Craft Day!

So today’s the day. A few of the very, very lucky are going to venture forth to First Avenue here in Minneapolis to listen to Paul Westerberg talk about his Craft.

While I am really very excited to get to see Paul and hang with a bunch of Westernerds, it’s tempered by a little bit of bummer that everyone who wants to go can’t be there. I wish I could put you all in my pocket and take you with. Since I can’t I am going to do my best to twitter the whole event. I make no promises, because I am really bad at twittering. But I will do my best. You can follow along here on Paul Westerberg.net:

Also, I hope to see any of y’all who are lucky enough to attend over at the pre-show meetup at O’Donovan’s.

P.S. I hope any of you attend The Craft lecture/performance/thing come back to Paul Westerberg and post your thoughts.

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  1. Beats Pickin 24.Sep.07 at 1:31 am

    Thanks for taking the time to twitter. That was fun.