In the Blogs: A movie based on the ‘Mats, inconsistent live acts, and more

In the Blogs

Rolling Stone reports that the band Black Lips have signed on to star in a movie called “Let it Be” loosely based on The Replacements. Interesting. If you were making this movie who would you cast as the ‘Mats?

Rob van Alstyne over are Reveille, asks about maddeningly inconsistent live performers and cites the infamous Ryan Adams’ meltdown wherein Adams called Westerberg a “bitter old bitch.” Alstyne, however, does not mention how maddeningly inconsistent Mr. Westerberg himself is when playing live.

The Guardian lists some of R.E.M.’s forgotten contemporaries including The ‘Mats, The Meat Puppets, and Jason and the Scorchers.

A Livejournaler is counting down the 100 best videos ever and has a nice write up of Bastards of Young coming in at #10.

I include this little tidbit about All Over But the Shouting mostly because it’s on a site called Visible Voice Books.

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  1. pl 09.Nov.07 at 9:00 am

    This may sound like a joke but I think Drake Bell from “Drake and Josh” (I know of him thanks to my kid) would be a great Paul. He’s got the raspy voice and can even pull off the look —

    As for the others … ???

  2. mimi 09.Nov.07 at 1:47 pm

    what?! some crap band in a movie like that?! oh noooo….