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The Mats influence

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I love when I run across Mats stuff at random.

Insubordination Records is a pop punk music label that puts up a podcast on a semi-regular basis. Glancing at this week’s offering I was pleasantly surprised to find a Replacements track in there. Then it got me thinking about how much the Mats are sited as influences among the twentysomething crowd and especially among pop punk bands. I think I can safely say that I have seen the Replacements listed as favorite artist or influence for at least 20 pop punk bands. Now I know the Mats have been called a “punk” band based on their early output and attitude but I wouldn’t necessarily connect them with the current punk scene. I can see the Billie Joe Armstrongs and Ryan Adams of the world being influenced given their age and having experienced the band during it’s heyday. But it is cool to see the younger crowd getting into the Mats as well and nice to know that it isn’t just us old folks who are carrying the torch.

In case you are interested, here is the play list and link to the podcast…

Insubordination Radio

This weeks show: Radio Free Weekhawken!

Click here to listen:

You can also visit the Jersey Beat website:

1. Sloppy Seconds – “Where Eagles Dare” (7 Inch Ep, Roadkill)
2. Sludgeworth – “Some Day” (7 Inch Ep, Roadkill)
3. Screeching Weasel – “Punk House” (“Punkhouse Ep”, Limited Potential)John Stamos Project – “Jj Is A Drama Queen” (North American All-Stars, Insubordination/Knock Knock)
4. The Erase-Hers – “Rewire” (Out Of My Mind Ep, Not A Mongo Multimedia)
5. The Thumbs – “Made For T.V.” (The Thumbs, Sneezeguard)
6. Sick Sick Birds – “Revolt With Perfect Spelling” (“Chemical Trains” Ep, Toxic Pop)
7. Jawbox – “Tools And Chrome” (“Jawbox” Ep, Desoto/Dischord)
8. Fugazi – “Number One Song” (“3 Songs” Ep, Dischord)
9. Desiderata – “Walking In My Sleep” (7 Inch Ep, Dischord)
10. Minor Threat – “Good Guys Don’t Wear White” (“Salad Days” Ep, Dischord)
11. Lester Bangs & Birdland – “I’m In Love With My Walls” (“Lester Bangs & Birdland, Bacchus Archive)
12. The Lemonheads – “So I Fucked Up” (“All The Way To The Cleaners” Ep, Armory Arms/Huh-Bag)
13. The Outlets – “Best Friends” (7 Inch Ep, Modern Method)
14. Sugar – “Helpless” (7 Inch Ep, Singles Only Label)
15. The Replacements – “Customer” (Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash, Twintone)
16. Soul Asylum – “Easy Street” (And The Horse They Rode In On, A&M)
17. Waterdog – “Good-Bye, Good-Bye” (Waterdog, Atlantic)
18. Moving Targets – “Away From Me” (7 Inch Ep, Taang)
19. Undertones – “Let’s Talk About Girls” (Hypnotised, Castle Us)


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