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Jim Walsh on 89.3 The Current’s The Local Show (tomorrow, I think)

By 10.Nov.07November 11th, 2007No Comments

UPDATE: So yeah, I am tuning into The Local Show right now, and Walsh won’t be on until November 18. That is all.

First of all The StarTribune has the “I Will Dare” excerpt from All Over But the Shouting. The Strib also says that Walsh is going to (or has been, I am unclear) on 89.3 The Current’s “The Local Show” “today”. Which would mean that he was gonna be on November 9th (yesterday).

However, the Local Show is on Sundays at 5 p.m. So something is fishy. If I were you, I’d hook up with the live stream tomorrow (Sunday, November 11).

Also, Chris Riemenschneider has a write up about the book.


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