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In the Blogs: Casting a RnR Hall of Fame ballot, more Walsh, and some other stuff

By 05.Dec.077 Comments

In the Blogs
In the Strib Jon Bream talks about casting his vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and well, I cannot resist linking to anything that lists The Replacements AND Neil Diamond AND Hall & Oats in one sentence. Sweet.

Jim Walsh stopped over at WYNC New York Public radio to talk about All Over But the Shouting.

Why the Replacements Saved my Life. It’s long, but it’s good. I am sure 99.9 % of y’all will dig this.

Reveille’s got some great pictures of the All Over But the Shouting release party at First Ave. So does

Be the Boy revists his old fave, The Replacements: There may be bands that wrote better songs, or were better musicians but nobody has ever turned awkwardness into rock and roll and made me feel it on a gut level quite like they did.

The Village Voice lists great books of 2007 you might have missed and includes both Petal Pusher and All Over But the Shouting.

Metachat is linking to a bootleg of The Replacements at Fitzgerald’s in Houston, TX on September 1, 1983 that you can download.

Okay, you gotta stick with me on this one. Wolfdogg is always going on and on about Steve Poltz this dude he loves who happened to write a few songs with Jewel (yeah, Jewel). So of course when I stumbled upon Duck Snorts, a blog about the San Diego Padres who had a interview with Poltz talking about how he was trying to teach Jewel about the difference between The Beatles and The Replacements, well I had to tell you about it.

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment for a shot at the autographed copy of All Over But the Shouting.


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