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In the Blogs: Wiggety Wiggety Wiggety Wiggety Whack edition

By 20.Dec.073 Comments

In the Blogs
Hello Westernerds, this edition of In the Blogs is late because I was really busy being a space cadet, then I had to wrap some gifts, and it wasn’t until I was upstairs listening to Suicaine Gratifaction (because I was starting to get a little tired of Jens Lekman who I have been listening to straight for the past two weeks) this afternoon that I was all, “holy shit.”

So yeah. Also, I warn you I am watching the “100 Greatest Songs of the 90s” on VH1 (and I am making cookies), I’m a multi-tasking queen of the underground. So yeah. It’s too late to turn back, here we go:

Michael at Teenage Kicks give us his thoughts on All Over But the Shouting, but this post is much more than that, it includes these awesome lines:
Despite the connection I felt to the band, I never really wanted to know them. They had a reputation for being drunk, petty, dismissive, and belligerent. I once stood about five feet away from Tommy Stinson, the band’s bassist, in a nearly empty bar. But I declined the chance to introduce myself. It seemed a risk not worth taking.

[ed. note: AMEN! I feel the same way, really. People think I’m nuts because I don’t actually want to meet Westerberg. Ever.]

Holy Shit! The Presidents of the United States of America’s song “Peaches” is on right now. Remember that song? “I’m moving the country, I’m gonna eat a lot of peaches.”

Blogcritics gives All Over But the Shouting a big thumbs down. Of course, I think the reviewer is wrong, though he does bring up some good points. But, really, I’m still amazed that Walsh gave the book a narrative using other people’s words. Maybe it’s one of those nerdy writer things most readers don’t notice.

Largehearted boy points us to a Paul Westerberg concert in LA on September 16, 1996 that you can download.

Some things you just have to read to understand so I submit to you, Everything I Ever Wanted to know about Love & Sex I Learned from Indie Rock: PART DEUX.

The Official AFI & DF Message Board discuss The Replacements.

Chris Menconi of the The Charlotte (at least I think it’s Charlotte) News & Observer writes a bit about the ‘Mats and being included in All Over But the Shouting.

Yug, it’s been back to back Jewel/Matchbox 20 on the best song of the 90s. I object! However, and I am ashamed to admit this, I find Rob Thomas oddly attractive in a big hunk of cute blond meat kind of way.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • colleen says:

    Thanks for linking my silly post – hope it wasn’t offensive to the paul w fans in any way. Cause I love them. Sersly!

  • CNote says:

    I agree with that guy and you Jodi, I never ever want to meet Westerberg. The only problem is I did meet Westerberg at a show in Louisville, I think in ’04. Even though I was quite drunk I managed not to say “your music means so much to me, man” but I did say some other equally dumb shit that thankfully I don’t really remember.

    If I ever did come across Paul Westerberg again I hope it would be a situation like my kid’s or his kid’s baseball game and we yell obscenities at the ump from the stands, even if the ump calls are good.

  • jay says:

    i met paul at my first show when i was about 16 in st louis…which is sadly slightly longer than 16 years ago. i drank with them all afternoon, through bottles at their van and got dragged on stage to sing within ur reach which i have a video of. wouldnt trade that day or that experience for anything in the world…ever.
    now that hes older, more cynical, and lets face it, getting pretty damn reclusive…i wouldnt really wanna hang with him… then again, im also not 16 anymore either lol.