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Video Tuesday — 7 Ages of Rock

By 25.Dec.072 Comments

Merry Christmas Westernerds far and wide. Happy Tuesday for you who do not celebrate this holiday. I spent this weekend cleaning up Supergenius HQ and watching the 7 Ages of Rock. It’s a 7-part BBC documentary that while a little UK-centric still manages rickety rock the Casbah. You can watch it online over at VH1 Classics.

And you can see this itty bitty clip with a nice little ‘Mats song right here!


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • mimi says:

    that was sick thanks
    rem still bores me

  • Color Me Impressed says:

    Nice Clash reference. :p

    I was watching that too, only bummer was that there wasn’t more on the ‘Mats (even though they stole the name of the episode from them).