In the Blogs: Did you miss us edition

In the Blogs

Okay, I feel not so guilty at all for skipping so many weeks of Monkey’s favorite Paul feature. Because you know what? There are slim pickins out there my fellow Westernerds. So get out there and get writing.

KEXP in Seattle interviews Laurie Lindeen.

Too Sweet for Rock and Roll has a write up of Achin’ to Be.

The Rock and Roll Geek Show had a great Westerberg quote as quote of the day way back on January 3.

Rock brings up the age old question do politics belong in music? Discuss.

Julie at Hughesworld has some interesting observations about Laurie Lindeen, Jim Walsh and their books.

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  1. pzp 16.Jan.08 at 9:30 am

    I believe ROCK & Roll Geek Show got that quote wrong.

    It’s: “Tommy keeps pulling out the ‘Paul Westerberg’s more difficult to deal with than Axl Rose’ line. And I think, ‘Yeah, of course.’ Wouldn’t PZP be more difficult than Monkey?” – Paul Westerberg

  2. Jodi 16.Jan.08 at 9:40 am

    You’re right! That’s the way I always remembered the quote.

  3. Joey Ramone 20.Jan.08 at 10:19 am

    The Hughes World commentary is pretty spot on. She likes the LL book though acknowledges she can act the bitch, and also feels the Walsh book is way too “insidery”. Was well put.