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Video Tuesday — I think that dude is doing the Ed Grimley dance

By 22.Jan.082 Comments

Okay, I almost forgot about video Tuesday. Life is chaotic and I still haven’t found a new job. Boo. But what I have found is this totally random video from a place called Backporch Videos and from what I can tell it’s a bunch of kids dancing to Kiss Me on the Bus. Oh and it’s from 1985, so there’s some totally rad fashion and hair. Keep an eye out for the Ed Grimley dude


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  • jay says:

    jesus christ…hat is the least replacements like thing ive ever seen in my life. Had they gone on tobe big and famous, that would have been the exact point in time when the became sellouts. The guy in the jacket making phone calls is my favorite. Or the token black dude. Cant decide. I would love to meet the choreographer of that mess lol.

  • pauly says:

    my favorite part is when the V.j. babe talks about the mats being the opening band for the opening band and the blonde girl makes a funny face. 1985 was my breakdancing days. all i needed was a boombox and some cardboard and i would put on a def show.
    word to the mutha