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In the Blogs: More on the ‘Mats reissues and other stuff that seems less important now

By 13.Feb.08February 19th, 2008No Comments

In the Blogs

Welly well well, you can’t shake a stick around the Internet without bumping into someone totally stoked about the upcoming ‘Mats’ reissues. Though Harp should get mad props for the ‘No shit’ headline.

KEXP out of Seattle has an interview with Jim Walsh:
Laurie Lindeen — who’s obviously biased, but hey, she was a fan before a spouse — has said in interviews that Paul Westerberg is “our generation’s Bob Dylan.” Agree?
I think when people say that, they’re just trying to explain to other people how great a songwriter Paul is, and how deeply he’s touched so many people. And that’s certainly valid. But I’d hate to put that on him, you know? Dylan is Dylan, Westerberg is Westerberg. Who’d want to be called the Bob Dylan of their generation?

A nice picture of the 7th Street Entry for those of you who have the common sense not to live in this godforsaken hellhole (come on, it’s February in Minnesota and it’s cold and winter and depressing as all get out).

Visions & Revisions has Shit, Shower, and Shave available for download.

While LisaMC isn’t a big fan of All Over But the Shouting, it still prompts her to recall some great ‘Mats memories.

Dear Internet, I am not Paul Westerberg, Love Jodi.

Poptart laments discovering Let it Be much too late in life.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.