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In the Blogs: All’s quiet on the Westerberg front

By 12.Mar.083 Comments

In the Blogs

It’s quiet down in westerbergville, so instead of a list of what people are talking about I am going to re-tell about the dream I had the other night. Feel free to add your own weird dreams in the comments, especially if they involve nudity.

This might come as a surprise to a lot of people coming from the woman who calls her web site I Will Dare, but I don’t have sexual, groupie-like feelings towards Paul Westerberg. In fact the thought of it kind of oogs me out.

So now you’ll understand my general feeling of heebie-jeebieness with regards to the awful sex dream I had about Mr. Westerberg last night. It wasn’t even a sex dream so much as a want-to-have-sex dream.

I am gagging a bit just recalling it.

So PW and I were in, perhaps an office building, a dorm, or a hotel with the room’s door open. People were milling about outside and he was trying to plan his next tour. I was helping, I guess. See, I wanted him to do three shows in Chicago and he only wanted to do one. I decided to con him into seeing things my way by rubbing my naked breasts all over him.

It worked. Barf.

And now whenever I close my eyes, all I can see is Paul in those blue sunglasses looking up at me from beneath my breasts.

Gag me.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • mmr421 says:


  • Jake says:

    Wow…..sounds like the dream i had about….no i take that back i never had a dream like that

  • blasty says:

    I had a dream that Jodi and I went to a football game together, and she promptly ditched me. I spent hours wandering around the stadium wondering where she was. Now I know.
    Damn PW, always stealing my women……