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Cover Band: The Replacements Do Motorhead

By 14.Mar.082 Comments

Ever imagine The Mats performing with the artists they have covered? It’s easy to imagine them fitting in with the likes of The Kinks, The Who, and The Stones in their glory.

But Motorhead? Surely they were too metal for the punk scene. But Lemmy was punk before they had a genre for it. And Ace Of Spades is the perfect song to attempt to sonically flatten a Duluth roller rink.



  • Jay says:

    “sonically flatten a Duluth roller rink”

    i like that

  • jay says:

    Hi I Will Dare,
    This is “Shiftless when Idle”, I met jay in 7th grade when he was living in the outskirts of St. Louis. I encourage you to drive to Chesterfield Missouri, live in a house by the Missouri River for most of your early formative years, and then imagine getting your mitts on the likes of me.
    Not to mention, my album gave birth to the line”Well apathy’s got a hold on me, and it won’t let go,” which pretty much sums up the mats to me….errrr… jay i mean.
    And not to be a bully, but my album would beat the fuck out of yours in a street fight. Except for ANswering machine and favorite thing, which would most likely gang rape the likes of Johnny’s Gonna Die.
    Just sayin’
    PS- Our B-sided cousin is If only you were lonely:)