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In the blogs: Later than usual because I am still reading the liner notes edition

By 23.Apr.0813 Comments

In the Blogs
There’s still time to vote in this round of ‘Mats Madness!

Ross Raihala over at the PiPress not only has a chance for you to win all four of the ‘Mats reissues, but he also gives you a rundown on the backstory of each album, key tracks, liner notes, and bonus material.

Readers of The Walrus are pointing out what they forgot when compiling some of the Saddest music ever and mention Here Comes a Regular.

The Billboard Q&A with Paul and with Tommy has stirred up the ‘Mats reunion rumors everyone is weighing in:
Paste (who also review the reissues)
Rollng Stone

The release of the reissues causes Kevin Cole of KEXP to reminisce about his time in Minnesota and discovering the ‘Mats.

Dave Foley of News Radio and Kids in the Hall talks about his Westerberg Fandom in the StarTrib.

Popmatters reviews the new reissues.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • Christian says:

    LIB has a surprise…kinda….

    The “Perfectly Lethal” on this is the same as the one I found as a pleasant, never-heard before, perfectly clean digital version on Napster in 2000. But the leads vocals are completely different. I think I actually like the Napster version better. I’m just posting because they are different (vocal only) than what I expected.

    Also, the vault unlocking sound at the end of Answering Machine

  • Jake says:

    does anyone know the demo from the asd era called “Only if we must”. It’s bad quality but it is amazing. I got it on my rarities cd flowers in the dark. Just wondering if anyone has it or has heard it.

  • jay says:

    I have oodles of mats demos and paul demos and some killer grandpaboy sessions. We should start a page or link or something and colect them all. Could be a treasure chest of goodies we all ahve.

  • scooterboy says:

    jake, i love “only if we must”. my version, too, is pretty crappy, though. i hope a cleaner version shows up on an upcoming batch of rereleases or the long-promised boxset. along with “kick it in”, “make this your home”, etc. etc.

    christian, i noticed the same thing about “perfectly lethal”.

  • Jake says:

    Glad you appreciate it like i do. I know how to play most of it. I Like the idea of a link for rarities page. I’m not sure i ever heard “kick it in” or “make this your home”.

  • Jake says:

    Also I just figured out how to play don’t ask why last night……great song for a show.

  • jay says:

    oohh post a tab!

  • blasty says:

    This version of “Only if we Must ” is probably the one you people are talking about. It’s kinda crappy sounding, but very listenable. Download it here:

  • jay says:

    listening to the reissues makes me hate producers. Those demos just feel like the Mats are suppossed to feel. At least Paul has xome full circle and is recording in his basement without the heavy hitters. I love that.
    And goddamn could Bob play guitar. He’s the still the reason I keep my treble on 10 and my bass on 0.
    Final note, you all must agree the sorry ma bonus stuff is the best of the bunch. Right? Right. They left out some gems from that era, but damn, it sure does cement the fact that Sorry Ma was there best album ever. POLLS BE DAMNED!

  • jay says:

    Only thing I really disagree with about mats demos and old hidden gems is “you’re getting married.”
    The holy grail of lost Mats demos according to Jesperson? Really?
    It kinda bores the shit outta me. Maybe its cuz I just dont connect with it lyrically like other Paul tunes- but aside from that, its just kinda a ho-hum song I think.
    Perfectly Lethal however-both versions;)- Wow…how that didnt find its way onto let it be ill never know…
    too much like syv i suppose.

  • jay says:

    thx 4 the link blasty;)

  • Some Guy says:

    Wow do I hate that popmatters review. Apparently the true (and perhaps only) greatness of the Replacements was that they served as a sort of meta-commentary on the pretentiousness and pointlessness of rock music.

  • Jimdracula says:

    I dig Zeth’s review…sure it’s wordy, but then so is Gina Arnold’s…you can tell both really love this band & spill it all over the page. Robert Christgau always got it just right.