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'Mats Madness

Mats Madness – Final Four

By 29.Apr.08May 17th, 20089 Comments

We’re down to the Final Four and, just like this year’s men’s basketball Final Four, it’s all number one seeds.  Much to the dismay of some, Hootenanny just couldn’t keep up with All Shook Down.  Here’s where we stand (right click to embiggen)

Now is when things get interesting, tempers start flaring, fists start flying, and namecalling inevitably ensues.  Voting open now through end of day Friday.  Who will survive, and what will be left of them?

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  • Jodi says:

    Dear “Fans”

    Really ASD over me? You killed me. Literally. Fuck you all.

    I can live without your touch but I will die within your reach,
    Hootenanny in E

  • blasty says:


    YOU LOSE!!!!

    YOU LOSE!!!!!


  • blasty says:


    ASD highjacked my account, and used it to trash- talk Hoot.

    I actually voted for Hoot, so it was important for me to wrestle control back.

    all my love,

  • Jake says:

    I also voted for hoot… so pissed im going to run a red light….run it!!

  • Scott says:

    to the person who voted for ASD over LIB…. whatthefuckareyouthinking???

    PTMM vs. Tim was incredibly tough for me. love both of ’em dearly.

    in the end, I voted for PTMM since I tend to listen to it more often than Tim (or LIB, for that matter) after all these years, but I could have easily gone the other way.

  • pl says:

    Y’all have an attitude and shouldn’t get so bent out of shape. Nobody can’t not say Hoot is not better than ASD. Now, just stop yer whining and take the wheel for a ride to Happytown. Just let it be please.

  • pl says:

    Scott, that too is why I voted for PTMM. Although I voted for LIB I actually went through each album and rated the songs from 1-5. The point total was not that different but I went with LIB because of the high number of standouts.

  • Placemat says:

    I’m bummed Hoot didn’t make the cut, since it just might be my fav. But, if it had to go, I’m glad ASD was the one to beat it.

    For those of you who rag on ASD, clean the wax outta yer ears & listen to the magic again. Best Paul solo record, yet.

    Tim & PTMM was also tough for me. In the end I had to go with PTMM, if only because of Lay it Down Clown.

  • Some Guy says:

    “In the end I had to go with PTMM, if only because of Lay it Down Clown.”

    I like that logic. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and boy is that one weak.