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In the Blogs: Special Friday edition because apparently I missed Wednesday

By 02.May.089 Comments

In the Blogs

Goldmine has five questions for Peter Jesperson, including this gem:
GM: Do you have a favorite out of the four Rhino reissues?
PJ: That’s an impossible question! Let It Be is probably considered their best, and with good reason, but I’d have to go with Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash. It was the first Replacements album we put replacementsbw3_4.jpgout on Twin/Tone and I just personally have an attachment to it. With the inclusion of all the bonus tracks, which includes the original Replacements’ four-song demo Paul Westerberg gave me, the album has now grown from 18 to 31 songs, which is such a great thing. What more could you ask for?

Which reminds me. You can still vote in ‘Mats Madness. Go ahead, I dare you. Go choose between Tim or Pleased to Meet Me, and watch your heart die a little.

Tony Pierce at busblog reminisces about interviewing Our Man Paul and includes some outtakes of the interview. [editor’s note: Yes, I have decided to call him Our Man Paul, because it makes me laugh.]

The Kitty Brains Collective points out the Paul Westerberg and The Replacements’ influence on Wilco’s song “Gun.” It’s pretty interesting, go listen.

I am often easily charmed by good, interesting writing. I am even more charmed when the good, interesting writing includes the lyrics to “Customer.”

You know what else I am a sucker for? Just about anyone talking about how they discovered and continue to love the ‘Mats.

If you haven’t picked up the reissues yet, Chris Riemenschneider of the Strib gives a nice rundown of the extras.

My Old Kentucky Blog
has a nice write up of the ‘Mats and the reissues, my favorite part? (because of course you want to know that):
If you just dipping you foot into the ‘Mats, certainly, start with Let It Be. The influence of this little (33 minutes) record is now such that it is no longer blasphemy to mention in the same breath with Velvet Underground and Nico, London Calling or Born To Run.

Okay, this is the weirdest bit of news. At least to me. So Glen Campbell is gonna cover “Sadly Beautiful.” What’s weird, and stick with me on this one, is that it’s GLEN CAMPBELL cover The ‘Mats. He gets all caps because when I was a kid, or maybe an early teen and started to have favorite bands, I would quiz my mom on the music she loved when she was younger. She told me how she never got into Elvis because her older sister Jackie loved Elvis, and The Beatles didn’t really do much for her at all. Then she went on to tell me how she really, really loved Glen Campbell. Like to her he was the bee’s knees and I thought that was just about the nerdiest thing I had ever heard in my entire life. And now Glen Campbell is covering my favorite band. I am totally gonna buy my mom this CD for my mom.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • jay says:

    Glenn Campbell covering the mats is fucking fantastic. The only thing better than Glen Campbell is Glenn Campbell’s haircut. Plus, I love the ironic twist of him covering the mats. The only thing better would be to have the living members of Green Acres sing Ansering Machine or something.

  • Luftmensch says:

    Hey Jodi,

    You’re doing some great stuff here. I, personally, think Tim is the shite, but that’s me. In time, I expect Let It Be to settle comfortably into the top 10 rock records of all time.

  • jay says:

    I find great solace in the fact that Peter J. holds Sorry Ma up as his favorite.

  • jay says:

    That little Jesperson interview just whetted my appetite for him to write a book. He’s the one with all the good stories and info. Screw all over with the shouting- except your scection Jodi;)- I want to hear Jesperson’s stories.

  • Jimdracula says:

    I look forward to Chris Mars’ book finally getting published.

  • pl says:

    “I find great solace in the fact that Peter J. holds Sorry Ma up as his favorite.”

    I would have found this hard to believe if it wasn’t for this —

  • jay says:


  • pl says:

    Peter Jackson/Otto (I know, a groaner)

  • jay says: