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Five reunions we don’t want to see….

By 12.Jun.085 Comments

From the Gibson Guitar site, a list of bands that shouldn’t (according to them) get back together:

The Replacements

While Paul Westerberg and current Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson have occasionally come back together in the studio since The ‘Mats imploded, they have thankfully resisted the urge to do the full-on reunion thing. That’s good because we really, really want to preserve our memories of the vintage Replacements live experience with the band firing its scrappy riffs at top volume, stumbling over each other, and generally acting like huge goofs. Besides, sobriety, maturity, and gray hairs just don’t go with classics like “Dope Smokin’ Moron” and “G—–n Job”.


I was born the son of a poor black sharecropper……


  • jay says:

    Gonna completely flip by previous stance and hope to God they dont reunite. The last time i saw the was taste of chicago on their last show and i wanna keep it that way. Plus, westerberg plays em all live anyway…so who cares.
    That said, ill still be flying all over the country to see them when they do it hehe.

  • jay says:

    And another thing, Twin/Tone needs to release that 81 show on DVD already. Ill buy 100.

  • jay says:

    Bob fucking wailed. Watch that solo from shut up again-

    thats why i love that damn album so much…Bob just goes off like a mofo.

  • Jake says:

    I second that. And in my opinion i think it would be a very mats thing to do to reunite and destroy the legend. They were always so real anyway….why stop now. Because anyway you cut it it’s still the mats pure and simple….

  • Jimdracula says:

    How ’bout the Mats reunite & instead of playing a setlist, play cards while ducking beer bottles…just like the old days. Set a place for Bob & piss it anyway they want.