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Westerberg Launches Presidential Bid

By 14.Jun.0810 Comments

Just two weeks after dropping out of the race for the democratic presidential nomination, Paul Westerberg has, as suspected, lauched a third-party campaign for the presidency. Reached for comment, Westerberg’s campaign spokesman Kenny Rogers said, ‘Paul knows when to walk away, and he knows when to run.”



  • Jimdracula says:

    I’ll bring the lampshades, brother; you bring the hanging chads.

  • jay says:

    Wow…that weird creepy orb at the end scares me for some reason.
    Its very Logans Run-ny .
    Im not high either.

  • Jake says:

    Westerberg would be the one and only person that I would vote for regardless of what he stood for…he is westerberg…

  • Wilfie says:

    Hey mates, hows it hanging? thats an Americanism right? lol. Excuse my ignorance friends but wtf is a hanging chad? And why are you bringing lampshades? Oscar Wilde said we have everything in common with America except, of course, for the language……

    I dont have a freakin clue what is going on here. Does anyone know how the lovely LL is holding up? I read she has MS, that has got to suck big time hasn’t it? Poor cow as we would say over this side of the pond. Am playing Folker to death at the moment..,.trying to convert the lads down the pub but they are such dullards….still listening to Robbie Williams and Mariah Carey, excuse me while I am sick….

  • Jay says:

    a hanging chad is the reason bush is in the whithouse…its the little thing on an election ticket that is suppossed to pop out when you vote. Apparently the piece is named afetr a very great man: Chad.
    Lampshade is in reference to a Paul song on please to meet me- swing party.
    As for your mariah carey listening friends- ditch em. 😉

  • Jake says:

    Swinging party is on tim

  • Some Guy says:

    We should probably also make it clear to Wilfie that Paul is not actually running for president. After Bush I’m sure the rest of the world thinks Americans are brain dead automatons who will vote for anyone who smiles at us the right way. But in reality that’s only true of 50.5% of the country.

  • Jay says:

    I have honest to god written in Paul Westerberg as a vote for President of the United States of America in my lifetime.
    …in my protesting rebellious youth…errr…8 years ago…

  • Some Guy says:

    And I voted for Nader eight years ago, so we both threw our votes away that year!

  • Jay says:

    Same election… i knew Nader wasnt gonna win, though i was a fan…but not as much of fan as I am the MAts lol