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Video Wednesday: These guys sound like what would happen if Westerberg mated with the Gin Blossoms

By 17.Jun.0918 Comments

Don’t you think?


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  • Mr Furley says:

    You forgot to mention Eddie and the Cruisers.

  • erik says:

    yeah…maybe the gin blossoms….but also the goo goo dolls wanting to be westerberg or the replacements….but it doesn’t sound bad and it does seem sincere or real so i ain’t slamming them….i’m not crazy about the video

  • Jodi says:

    Oh, I’m not slamming them at all. I loved the Gin Blossoms. New Miserable Experience is a solid record.

  • Neil says:

    I’m hearing more and more about these guys. Good song. They really have it together (unlike the ‘Mats, but that doesn’t mean it’s better…and, obviously it’s not) but with a voice like that and a drummer hittin’ like that, how could you go wrong?

  • Jodi says:

    They have one song that’s really, really ‘Mats-y. I wish I could remember the name of it. I think it even has a few lyrics from Alex Chilton on it.

    I kind of dig ’em.

  • erik says:

    i also enjoyed their acoustic version of left of the dial, obviously they are “mats” fans so i give respect to them on that note-they have the right attitude

  • Jake says:

    I love this band.They have really climbed my list lately.The 59’sound and their first release Sink Or Swim are great.I think most of the people here would at the very least appreciate them.

  • erik says:

    the band is tight and i like the fact that they are a 3 piece, which i have a growing respect for…i still think their heart is in the right place

  • erik says:

    ooops… not paying attention, i guess they are not a 3 piece band…. it doesn’t matter, i think they still sound tight, and sincere…. at least on this song

  • Phil says:

    Definitely Gin Blossoms, but also definitely Springsteen, which I suppose is not that surprising. I really dig this song!

  • stuff says:

    Bruce joined them onstage last weekend at Glastonbury and Hyde Park. There’s video at the BBC site

  • Tim (the album) says:

    Hi. I must agree about New Miserable Experience by the Gin Blossoms. The best moments are as great as they are because of Doug Hopkins, I feel. He wrote “Found Out About You” and “Hey Jealousy” and he plays the lead guitar on the record even though he’s not credited, since they kicked him out. Faster versions of both of those songs on the 1993 album can be found on their 1989 debut album.
    If you read Doug’s story, there are some similarities to Bob Stinson. RIP Bob and Doug.

  • timzatz says:

    “New Miserable Experience” is a great collection of songs that suffers from horribly wimpy production. Tunes that should soar merely seem to float.

    That band was never the same after they kicked Hopkins out (see “Congratulations, I’m Sorry.”)

    Gaslight Anthem are a very promising young band. “The ’59 Sound ” is very good, but they will make a great record someday.

  • Nazareth says:

    I’ve always looked at these guys as a punk band so i don’t really hear the Gin Blossoms. I see them more as Hot Water Music meets Springsteen.

    Love this band though.

    Side Note: I saw the Gin Blossoms a few months ago. They play the songs perfectly but man are they boring. The entire band stands back with the drummer and the singer is the only one up front. Lame.

  • mmr421 says:

    Hey Jodi, I’m sorry to hit you here but I could not find your email address. I was trying to delete a comment on some dumb post I made here in Sept 07, the comment links to what I can only assume is spam. Please help

  • Jodi says:

    Just e-mail me the post that you commented on, and I’ll delete the comment (

  • Tim (The Album) says:

    From the Doug Hopkins facebook page:
    I ran into Doug at the white house after a DHW show. I told him he looked like he should be in the Replacements and he liked that. He said “Paul Westerberg is only the second best songwriter of all time–behind those f*ckers right there (he pointed to a poster of the Beatles)–I’d be honored to be one of the Replacements!”

  • Jay says:

    Stumbled on this… one of my favorite songs and tommy kills it.